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Chiang Mai Halal Food Guide

provides a halal restaurant listing.

Chiang Mai has a small population pf Muslims. There are four main areas in the city where Muslims reside ; these areas include Chang Puak , South Changklan , Ban Haw and Sanphakhoi .The city has about 12 Masjids .The oldest is Ban Haw Masjid .The Jummah Salaath is held between 12.30p.m. and 1.30p.m. The sermon is delivered in the local dialect .There are prayer facilities for women too.

Visitors can find some fine Halal restaurants around the Muslim areas in Chiang Mai .Khao Mok Phae ( goat meat on rice ) , Chicken Khao Soi ( Chicken Curry with egg noodle northern Thai style ) and Khao Mok Kai ( chicken on yellow rice ) are some of the local specialties.

Halal Restaurant List


@ Anusarn Market

1. Egyptian Restaurant 2. Al -Hussain Restaurant 3. Asma Restaurant    
4. Arabia Restaurant  5. Ruam Mitr 2 Restaurant  

@ Ban Haw Masjid in Night Bazaar

6. Khao Soy Islam Food Shop 7. Khao Soy Fuang Fah Food Shop 8. Sofia Muslim Food Shop

@ Kalare Night Bazaar

9. Le Spice Restaurant    

@ On Changklan Road

10. Al Reem Restaurant 11. Ruam Mitr 1 Restaurant 12. Suthasinee 3 Food Shop

@ Nhong Hoi Area - Near Holiday Inn Hotel

13. Lai La Food Shop

@ Suan Dok Gate

14. Jen Pao Chinese Restaurant


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